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4 sleeping places

3 layouts


living room and bedroom
Its elegance and appearance set new standarts.

• Furniture in "Rovero Castello" decor
• Upholstery in genuine "Zingst" leather (special fitting in the Diamant "50 Years of Fendt Caravan Package")  or in "Medina" fabric
• Lighting in the wardrobe with motion sensor
• LED lighting
• Decorative package (2 cushions/1 table runner)
• Single-leg lifting table in the round seating area
• Fly-screen door in the entrance area

• Clothes rack in the sleeping area *
• Wooden sliding door *
• Indirect lighting (LED)
• Headrests in the seating area, height adjustable
• Slatted bed base with fully flexible and permanently elastic joint bridges and hardness adjustment (single and French beds)
• Reading spotlights (12 V) in the round seating area
• Reading spotlights (12 V) in the sleeping area
• Lift-O-Mat (single and French beds)
• Mattresses: climate comfort foam (7 zones) (single/French beds)

• MIDI roof hood (Dometic) with crank, forced ventilation, integrated blackout pleated blind and roller fly-screen integrated into the Skylight panoramic roof hood
• Skylight panoramic roof hood with lighting (LED)
• PVC flooring, hard-wearing, easy to care for
• Ergonomically shaped back padding
• High density seat upholstery
• Seat upholstery with spring core in comfort quality

• Soft roller blinds with pleated fabric (blackout roller blind from below)
• Ventilated storage compartments with indirect ceiling lighting (LED)
• Storage compartments with soft-close hinges
• Carpet in the door sill with the Fendt Caravan logo
• Carpeted floor, bound at the edge and loosely laid
• Winter backrests
• Wall unit with fireplace covering **

* Certain models only ** for 650 SG


• Waste collector integrated into the entrance door
• Workplace lighting (LED)
• Oven with grill (gas)
• Bathroom lighting (LED/12 V)
• Cutlery inserts with a soft-touch surface
• Towel/clothes hooks and toilet paper holder
• Stove with safety pilot and automatic ignition (3-burner)
• Comfort pleated roller blind on the kitchen window
• Kitchens with large drawers *
• Backlit kitchen rear wall panelling in a glass look
• Slim tower refrigerator (133 L), can be opened from both sides, with removable freezer compartment and interior lighting

• Central washrooms * with large wall units, generous shelves under the sink and an illuminated mirror
• Mirror cabinet in the open bathroom *
• Stainless steel sink with glass cover
• Flush toilet with diode level indicator and holding tank (rollable)
• Kitchen and bathroom storage compartments with soft-close hinges
• Mineral composite washbasin with shelves, bathroom cabinet and illuminated mirror
• Washroom window, hinged, made of frosted glass with blackout and fly-screen roller blind

* Certain models only


• Mobile waste water tank (24 L)
• Fresh water (fixed tank 10 d)/45 e) litres) with external filling
• Fresh water level indicator
• TV bracket with articulated arm
• TV cabling (230 V socket)
• Aventa comfort (Truma) roof-mounted air conditioning system (special fitting in the Diamant "50 Years of Fendt Caravan Package")
• Electric floor temperature control (in the temperature-controlled area)
• Truma Combi 6 gas heater with CP plus iNET ready digital control panel with circulating air distribution and integrated hot water boiler (10 l capacity)
• iNet Box for the additional option of heating control via the Truma app (depending on the country)
• Smoke detector
• Switch on the entrance door for the ceiling light and awning light
• Switching power supply 350 W
• Fuse box (230 V) with residual current device (safety switch)
• Spot light(s) (LED/12 V)
• 230 V sockets
• TFT touch panel (central) in a glass look (CI-BUS on-board management)

Layouts and Details

560 SF

4 Schlafplätze

771 cm

250 cm

560 SG

4 Schlafplätze

771 cm

250 cm

650 SG

4 Schlafplätze

860 cm

250 cm


Brand new - The 2021 models
Fendt-Caravan presents the innovations of the season


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model series


model series


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