Living area & Sleep area

Furniture in “Nabucco Cherry décor” • Upholstery variant “Burano” or “Torcello” • LED illumination • Ceiling lamp (12 V / LED) with two circuits • Single-post lift table in the round seat group * • Folding door • Indirect illumination (LED) • Slatted frame with fully flexible and permanently elastic joint bridges as well as hardness setting (single and French beds) * • Liftomat (single and French beds) * • Mattresses: sprung mattress (single and French beds) * • MIDI roof hood (Dometic) with crank, forced ventilation, integrated pleated shade and fly screen • PVC floor covering, hard-wearing, easy to clean • Back cushion, shape upholstered • Gooseneck reading spot (12 V) in round seat group • Seat upholstery with high density • Ventilated storage cupboards and with indirect ceiling lighting (LED) • Carpet in the doorway with Fendt Caravan logo • Wintertime backrests

*depending on the model

Upholstery variant „Torcello“

Upholstery variant „Burano“

Kitchen & Bathroom

Waste collector integrated into the entrance door * • Workplace lighting (LED) • Illumination in bathroom (LED / 12 V) • Cutlery insert with Softtouch surface • Towel holder,clothes hook and toilet paper holder * • Cooker flushing combination with ignition protection, automatic ignition, divided cast iron grid and divided glass cover (three flames) * • Comfort pleated roller blinds at the kitchen window * • (Super) Slim Tower kitchen with large sliding drawer * • Kitchen pull-out with wire basket * • Refrigerator front in stainless steel look • Refrigerator (105 l) with removable freezer compartment and interior lighting * • Refrigerator (140 l) Slim Tower with removable freezer compartment and interior lighting * • Refrigerator (150 l) Super Slim Tower with removable freezer compartment and interior lighting * • Light strip in the mouldings of the kitchen storage boxes • Mixing tap in the kitchen made of brass * • Central washing area * with large wall units, generous storage area below the washbasin and illuminated mirror • Mirror cabinet in the bathroom * • Flush toilet with diode level indicator and waste-holding tank (rollable) • Kitchen storage box with soft-close hinges • Chrome bicolour washing room door handle • Wash basin in white solid surface material with storage, bathroom cabinet and illuminated mirror • Washing room window hinged made of frosted glass with blackout and fly screen roller blinds

*depending on the mode

Layout and Details

390 FHE

3 beds

605 cm

232 cm

465 SGE

2 beds

705 cm

232 cm

495 SFE

4 beds

724 cm

232 cm

515 SGE

4 beds

753 cm

232 cm

550 KMG

5 beds

774 cm

232 cm

Additional standard equipment Bianco Activ:


• Gas heating Combi 4 with CP Plus, iNet ready as well as iNet box for control of the heating by smartphone app (Truma)
 - Distribution of air and integrated water boiler (10l/Truma)
 - 4,000 W nominal heat output
 - Low power consumption
 - FrostControl as a standard feature
 - Ideal warm air distribution ensured by four warm air outlets
 - Short warm-up time of water and long showering pleasure
 - Long-life stainless steel water tank
 - Boost function for quick warm water supply and room heating
 - All functions programmable by timer switch
• Transverse loading function (in case of separate beds) *
• Storage compartment flaps on both sides *
• Increased load capacity ensured by reinforced chassis
• Wardrobe with illumination (motion sensor)

* depending on the model